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Procentris is an internationally-based company founded on the principle of delivering value
through people, process, and productivity.

Who We Are

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Procentris is a 'people-rich' organization

We at Procentris are committed to shaping a unique culture of






Our world-class working environment offers employees the opportunity to deliver
exceptional client value and personal growth.

More Power, Less Electricity, Cleanly Generated

Clean energy; consume as little as possible, generate less heat, deliver more power to client applications. Using latest flexi-power processors, efficient powersupplies, renewable energy and by removing unnecessary components from our servers, we have turned our hosting environment to one among the most energy efficient and cleanest. Our investments and efforts reduce tons of CO2 emissions every year.

Going Green all the way!

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What We Do

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Procentris growing team of world-class professionals specializes in client services, UX & conversion improvement, systems management, application architecture, design, development, test engineering, rollout and operation & maintenance

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At Procentris, people are valued, and the absence of discrimination based on hierarchy or job function fosters a positive sense of belonging in the employees (Procentrisians).


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