Testing Phases

Testing Phases

Procentris implements software testing in systematic and exhaustive phases. At Procentris, a product undergoes the following testing phases:

Keeping pace with fast growing IT industries we start our testing activities right at the early stage, i.e., with analyzing the requirements or specifications for Correctness, Consistency, Completeness, Precision and Unambiguity. It is a known fact that early detection of issues makes them cheaper to fix, and cost of fixing an issue in the requirements - which if found post-release - would become 10-100x more than if it had already been found in the requirements review. And thus we make sure that we minimize our clients’ expenses.

This leads us to Test Strategy Planning where our Leads determine the scope and objective of the testing, the testing approach and the test environment.

The Test Ninjas then begin designing the tests (test cases/scripts) for the product or application.

Once the application is put to test, the Ninjas attack the system (Test Execution) to find every possible bug in it and iterating the test execution in numerous cycles depending upon the nature of the project.

Based on the stability of the application under testing and its fulfilment of the exit criteria, Ninjas provide sign-offs for release. We then perform Alpha Testing on the system before moving it to production.