Business Process

Business Process

Procentris offers a comprehensive range of Business Process Services.

Resources are unnecessarily wasted due to a lack of monitoring and organization of business processes. In order to make business models more sustainable and stable, it is important to diminish such avoidable costs, which may otherwise assume uncontrollable proportions in the future.

We aim to make the inner workings of your system as transparent as possible, so that the areas for improvement can be identified promptly and appropriately documented.

Data gathered systematically from different sources are collated and stored in an organized manner for processing and analysis. The processes which are of greater importance to the business are pin-pointed and prioritized, making process management more scientific and simplified. Optimization techniques are applied to eliminate wasteful expenses and the processes are refined to ascertain optimal outputs while also minimizing overheads at the same time.

Our activities include the following.

  • i. Profile Screening – The monitoring of websites to identify spam accounts and other accounts which intentionally violate website policies. Such accounts may also include those belonging to users who use stolen online monetary credentials and banking details to access privileges available to legitimate paying members of websites. Certain features on some websites are available only to lawfully paying members, and malicious account holders are often found using counterfeit card and banking details to purchase memberships. Reducing registered accounts of such nature improves user experience and helps to maintain site stability.
  • ii. Customer Support – Assisting customers with the day-to-day product-based needs that may arise after the sale is made.
  • iii. Customer Services – This includes all the services required to create and maintain long term associations with customers: right from the sales pitch to helping the client with future upgrades and enhancements.
  • iv. Order Tracking – Helping to manage and track orders efficiently and in synchronization with your inventory, ensuring precision and accountability.
  • v. Data Scraping – Extracting unstructured/structured data from websites and providing for their proper storage in an organized and systematic manner.

We call on our years of industry experience to make sure your Business Process Management (BPM) approach is farsighted, and compatible with existing and upcoming trends in technology.

By combining the skills of our trained professionals with proven Business Management tools and techniques, we strive to make your operations run smoothly and economically.