GA4 Setup

Google Analytics 4 Setup

Google has been busy updating their tracking system and replaced Universal Analytics (UA) with Google Analytics 4 (GA4). GA4 is an important update as it collects more information about customer conversion and events that occur along the customer journey on your website, all without the use of cookies (and the various blockers and regulation that comes with the use of cookies).

This update has been fraught with many complexities as Google customers have built many processes that are UA driven and migrating that to GA4 can be a chore and potentially disrupt business.

At Procentris we are here to help! By documenting all the dependencies and then mapping out the needed changes we follow a best practice in this migration. Close follow up post cut-over adds a layer of certainty to quickly help identify any potential gaps.

Reach out with your query and we’ll gladly study your requirements and the best way to resolve any problems you may be experiencing.