Software Testing

Procentris believes testing to be an integral part of the software development process. Each product or application undergoes a rigorous, multi-layered process of checks to ascertain its functionality, stability, reliability and usability.

Testing involves a dynamic analysis of the functioning of any software application, along with an in-depth evaluation of its performance through a gamut of simulated real-time situations, which serves to identify and eliminate the possibility of any bugs or glitches.

The core of our approach towards software testing lies in putting a software application 'through its paces' with a view to ascertaining whether it fulfills, with optimal efficiency, the objectives it was created to accomplish with optimal efficiency.

We use our in-house testing services with client-built as well as Procentris-built applications. Our test engineers fundamentally approach a software application differently from a developer; a test engineer wants to break it and a software engineer builds it and wants to see it run. This makes all the difference!