Application Design

User Interface design requires careful consideration to provide the optimum User Experience (UX).

Procentris designers specialize in state-of-the-art designs which are delivered on time and with the customer’s needs in mind. All work is client-approved and detailed billing helps clients understand the resources engaged in their projects.

We believe that correctly perceiving the expectations of our clientele is the key to our success in design. By reducing the wastage of time and other resources due to miscommunications, we are able to bring down costs to a sizeable extent.

This is why we strive to achieve absolute clarity and accuracy by recording the clients’ and our joint vision for the application design in our SRS (Software Requirements Specification) documents.

Our attention to detail is reflected by our extensive communications with the client so that we do not deviate from the client’s vision. Resources are also prepared to accommodate any adjustments or additions that may be requested by the clients.

The core functionality of the application and the speed of its execution are always prioritized. The experience of our personnel ensures prescient designs and swift resolution of issues.