Design Coding

Design Coding

Coding broadens the scope of design and creates new possibilities which would otherwise not be apparent. At Procentris, we seek to tap the creativity in our designers as well as our coders, in an effort to offer only the best in aesthetics and stability to our products.

Design Coding is all about making the coding process modular and coding in accordance to certain standard principles, so that the code is easier to manage and manipulate in the future.

This approach also helps to make the product scalable. A product is said to be scalable when it is capable of handling large increases in data, complexity, and size - and when the coding is done in a standardized and uniform manner, achieving this becomes easier.

This method is put to practice in many of our projects to make our code flexible and easy to read for future modifications. Modularity in the design implies that the problem is approached with the Divide and Conquer principle. So the problem can be split up into subdivisions which can be dealt with individually and in greater detail.

Front-end and back-end development is amalgamated in this manner for a greater degree of collaboration between designers and developers.